Cobra Pink Kush


Cobra Extracts Vape Cartridges are SC Labs Tested. All their cartridges are labeled to contain between 60 – 70% THC but lab tests show results to be upwards of 75% for all the hybrid vapes. These extracts are free of harmful solvents, glycols, and glycerin.



Cobra Pink Kush arrived in a sleek tube, but with a black finish on the pen. The battery activation light turns red while you inhale, making it easy to see and gauge dosage. Presumably, this is (a rather wise decision) to differentiate between the strains so you don’t make yourself sleepy when you need to function.

It has a smooth draw, and a nice taste to start, however the aftertaste is a little strong, so be prepared for this. I felt the effects fairly fast, within 5 minutes, but can’t comment on the length as I fell asleep without any issue shortly after. As someone who struggles to catch Zs, I can attest to its efficacy as a sleep aide. As with Indica strains in general, users can expect to feel relaxed and happy, and it is best used to treat depression, insomnia and loss of appetite.

For first-time or newer users, it’s recommended to start out slow. My first doses of both pens were low, to gauge my reaction and I’m glad I took this approach. They are high quality, powerful products that work fast, so experiment with your dosage to ind the right amount for your needs.

Fully charged vape pen pre filled with high quality cannabis concentrates. Great vapor quality with smoothness and taste showcasing each strain. The pen comes fully charged. No cables and no waiting. This single use battery with one pull.

How to Use Cobra Pink Kush:

1. Slowly draw vapor from the pen for 2-3 seconds. Hold without exhaling for 3-5 seconds.

2. Wait a few moments. Full effects will be delayed, so start with only a few draws per session.

3. Enjoy!

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